Yin Yang Tropicbirds Sticker

Yin Yang Tropicbirds Sticker

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This was a requested design! Have ideas? Send me an email :-)

The two most common species of tropicbirds in Hawai‘i are the White-tailed Tropicbird and the Red-tailed Tropicbird. While both birds have distinctive and beautifully long, streaming, tail feathers, the differences are apparent in their names as well as their beak color, and the black patterning found on the White-tailed Tropicbird. The Red-tailed Tropicbird is also about a foot larger with a wingspan closer 4'.

  • Measures 3” in diameter
  • Created from an original Wandering Finch illustration
  • Vinyl sticker [Resists water, wear, and sun. Sturdy enough for cars and water bottles, fun enough for cards and notebooks.] 

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