About the Artist

Joanna Maney has enjoyed drawing birds since childhood and participated in volunteer and bird rehab programs since her early teens. After school she pursued her love of art as a metalsmith’s apprentice in Virginia before selling her work independently in galleries in Virginia and Hawai‘i. She loves exploring new art forms and new techniques in painting, illustration, sculpting, textile design, and photography. Joanna currently lives and works in Honolulu with her husband and family.  


Joanna and Assistant Design Coordinator, Cypress Nugget.

Wandering Finch's Mission

It is thought that all Hawaiian honeycreepers descended from a flock of birds, related to the rosefinch, that wandered overseas. Whether by storm or some other migratory catalyst force, they made the journey from Eurasia, survived, and flourished here in the Hawaiian archipelago long before humans arrived. They were  "wandering finches" in the truest sense.

Hawai‘i’s native birds are so beautiful and unique, from the honeycreepers in the forests to the nesting seabirds on the shorelines--it is disheartening to see so many critically endangered species and so many lost to extinction already. Hawai‘i is a place too beautiful to bear the title of, “The Extinction Capital of the World.” Island ecosystems are fragile and the native birds need help from every direction—biologists, volunteers, local leadership, creatives, and community members—or they will disappear. The aim of this website is to add to the conversation and integration of all these avenues. Our ‘ohana owned small business is pleased to donate a minimum of 10% of sale profits in support of local organizations that directly work towards conservation goals for native Hawaiian birds and the habitats that sustain them.

 Wandering Finch is Hawai‘i hatched and ‘ohana owned.

All illustrations and content created by Joanna Maney. ©2022-2024 Joanna Maney. All rights reserved. Kindly do not reproduce or distribute photos, illustrations, or designs without written permission from the artist. Mahalo!

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Graphic and Fine Art:


Hawai‘i Island Festival of Birds 2023 Poster



2022-23 Hawai‘i State Conservation Stamp



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