A Hawaiian honeybee hovering over pink flowers with a blue sky and clouds in the background.

Sweet Island Sunshine Giclée Art Print

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The honey bees in Hawai‘i are big and beautiful and when the sun hits them they glow. They were brought to the islands in the 1850s and so are non-native, as are many of the flowers you see here, but bees are important for pollinating crops and Hawai‘i has some of the best honey you'll ever taste. Hawai‘i bees combine all the flowers and pretty weather in a golden drop!

  • Available in two sizes: 5"x7" printed on canvas textured paper
  • 7"x10" printed on watercolor textured paper
  • 1/2" border for framing
  • Mailed flat in a rigid, no-bend envelope
  • Print reproduction from an original ink on wood painting
  • Printed in Hawai‘i

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