Extinction is Forever Poster

Extinction is Forever Poster

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One of the greatest threats to native Hawaiian birds is the spread of mosquito-borne disease. As yearly temperatures warm, the mosquitoes climb higher into the mountains, invading the last sanctuaries of island birds that have no immunity to diseases that only reached the Hawaiian shores within the last two centuries. Without plans to control mosquito populations, extinction looms for many of the remaining native Hawaiian forest birds.

Original Wandering Finch illustration featuring four of Hawai‘i's most vulnerable forest birds--Maui's kiwikiu and ʻākohekohe, and Kaua'i's 'akikiki and puaiohi.

18.5”x24” high quality satin print poster with white border. 
(Made to Order item, please allow an extra 7-10 days. Shipped rolled.)

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