Manu-o-kū Sticker

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The Manu-o-Kū is known by many names, including, White tern, Fairy tern, White noddy, and Angel tern. Manu-o-kū means, "bird of Kū, the god of war," in Hawaiian. These birds are found in tropical ocean locations all over the world but here in Hawai‘i you can find them right in the middle of Honolulu where they nest in trees along the busy urban setting or find them zipping over shallow beach waters in search of small fish for lunch.

*Note: Because it’s white, this sticker will look best adhered to a color background.

  • Measures 3" x 3" 
  • Created from an original Wandering Finch illustration
  • Illustration on a transparent background, showing no white border when adhered to a surface. Vinyl sticker. [Resists water, wear, and sun. Sturdy enough for cars and water bottles, fun enough for cards and notebooks.] 

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