Asteroid ‘Akikiki Washi Tape

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There is an actual asteroid, rolling and floating its way through outer space, named after Kaua‘i’s adorably round bird, the ‘Akikiki. In 2016 an Indian school class and their teacher worked with the International Astronomical Union to officially rename asteroid 7613 after this cute little birdie. A big Mahalo to Mr. Vaithyanathan and his class for bringing attention to this native Hawaiian species and the conservation efforts to save it. The ‘Akikiki (ah-kee-KEE-kee) is critically endangered but there is hope in habitat restoration and captive breeding.

  • 30mm (1.2") wide , 10 meters (32.8') roll
  • Original Wandering Finch illustration also available in sticker form
  • Recommend pairing with our Atmospheric Entry ‘Akikiki Sticker 


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